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Barred Hawk

[:en]Bird Barred Hawk[:es]Ave Gavilán Pechinegro[:]

Barred Hawk

The Barred Hawk (Leucopternis princeps) is a robust, broad-winged and short square tail hawk found from Costa Rica to NW Ecuador in broken, humid-forested terrain at middle elevations.

Adults are 61 cm (24 inches) and weigh 1 Kg. Head, upperparts, and chest slate black; rest of underparts and wing-linings white, barred finely and evenly with blackish (appears uniform gray from a distance); tail black with complete median white band, 1 or more incomplete narrow basal bands. Iris brown; cere and legs yellow. Young: similar, above with white scaling on wing-coverts.

Common Name: Barred Hawk
Scientific Name: Leucopternis princeps
Bird Family: