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Gray Hawk

[:en]Bird Gray Hawk[:es]Ave Gavilán Gris[:]

Gray Hawk

The gray Hawk (Buteo nitidus), better known as “Gavilán Pollero” is a type of hawk you can find from extreme SW USA and N Mexico to W Ecuador, N Argentina and S Brazil. It prefers broken forest, forest edge and savanna trees. Its way of hunting is to wait to ambush the pray or pursues it with swift in a graceful flight.

41cm (16”), 425g. Above slate-gray; upper tail coverts White; below fine barred with gray and white; tail black with a white band, white rounded edges. Iris black, cere and legs yellow. Young: above dark brown flecked with rusty; superciliaries whitish; eye-stripe browm; below white very streaked with dark brown; thighs lightly barred; tail pale brown finely barred with black, subterminal bar widest.

Common Name: Gray Hawk
Scientific Name: Buteo nitidus
Bird Family: