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Gray-headed Kite

[:en]Bird Gray-headed Kite[:es]Ave Gavilán Cabecigris[:]

Gray-headed Kite

The Gray-headed kite (Leptodon cayanensis) is a medium-sized, broad-winged and  long-tailed bird. It dwells from E Mexico to W Ecuador and N Argentina. It eats eggs and nestlings of small birds, insects and small lizards and frogs.

51cm (20”), 440g. Above blackish; head light gray; below white; wing-linings black; remiges below pale gray, barred with black; tail banded with light gray and black. Iris dark; cere and legs bluish-gray. Young: often are best identifies by shape and behavior. Variable: above dark brown; head and underparts from entirely white (except for the crown and post-ocular streak) to mostly blackish with white streaks on belly and wing-linings; sometimes they have a rusty nuchal collar. Iris, cere and feet yellow.

Common Name: Gray-headed Kite
Scientific Name: Leptodon cayanensis
Bird Family: