Common Pauraque

[:en]Bird Common Pauraque[:es]Ave Cuyeo, Tapacaminos Común[:]

Common Pauraque

The Common Pauraque (Nyctidromus albicollis) is the common nightjar of country roads. Found from S Texas to NW Peru and N Argentina.

28cm (11”), 55g. Bright ruby-red eyeshine. Above gray-brown to tawny, palest on crown, finely vermiculated and boldly streaked with black; throat chevron white; scapulars blotched with black and boldly edged with buff; wing coverts spotted with buff; throat and chest barred and vermiculated with black and rusty; belly buff, barred with black.

♂: White band across primaries; outer 2 rectrices black, next 2 mostly white. ♀: Wing-band narrower, often buffy; outer 3 rectrices tipped with white. Young: Below paler; throat chevron buffy; white or buffy in wings and tail like adult of same sex but less extensive and distinct.

Common Name: Common Pauraque
Scientific Name: Nyctidromus albicollis
Bird Family:

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