Ocellated Poorwill

[:en]Bird Ocellated Poorwill[:es]Ave Chotacabras Ocelado[:]

Ocellated Poorwill

The Ocellated Poorwill (Nyctidromus ocellatus) is found in Nicaragua and Costa Rica; NW and C Colombia to NW Ecuador. N Bolivia, SW Brazil, N Argentina, and Paraguay.

20cm (8”), 36g. ♂: Crown gray-brown laterally and posteriorly, black medially, everywhere finely vermiculated with tawny; lateral feathers slightly black, vermiculated with rusty, wing coverts with pale spots at tips; scapulars gray-brown with very fine tawny vermiculations, black spots bordered behind with buff; wings and tail blackish, barred and vermiculated with tawny, all but central rectrices with narrow but conspicuous white tips; throat and facial area blackish, vermiculated with dark rufous; broad white band across lower throat; chest gray-brown with fine tawny vermiculations, forming an “apron”. Posterior underparts blackish with coarser tawny vermiculations, the feathers with bold white terminal spots, passing on lower belly to indistinct pale terminal bars. ♀: similar in pattern except belly less distinctly spotted and general coloration much more rufescent.  Iris dark brown; bill and feet dusky-horn, bill tipped blackish.

Common Name: Ocellated Poorwill
Scientific Name: Nyctidromus ocellatus
Bird Family:

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