[:en]Bird Whip-poor-will[:es]Ave Chotacabras Gritón o Ruidoso[:]


The Whip-Poor-Will (Caprimulgus vociferus) is grayer and more streaked above than other Costa Rican nightjars. Breeds from SE Canada to SE USA, and from SW USA to Honduras. Winters from SE USA and N Mexico to W Panama.

23cm (9”), 50g. ♂: Above gray finely vermiculated with dusky and heavily streaked with black; scapulars blotched with black, edged with buff; wing-coverts browner, mottled with buff and dusky; remiges blackish barred with ochraceous-buff and mottled with gray; face and throat barred and mottled with tawny and black; white chevron on throat; chest mottled with grayish and black, spotted with buff, belly dull buff barred with black. Lateral 3 rectrices tipped with white. Bill black, feet gray. ♀: Paler, buffier; lateral rectrices tipped with buff.

Common Name: Whip-poor-will
Scientific Name: Caprimulgus vociferus
Bird Family:

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