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Biofotos was born on September 1st, 2006 with the idea of Bio-alphabetize people, mainly because we realized that knowledge is concentrated in very few people, the resources for education are just too expensive for many people, ironically mass media and global initiatives keep telling us to conservate.

After analyzing the concept of the word "Conserve" in the context in which it is transmitted, we come to an understanding that this word is used to mitigate the impact of the human being in his surrounding environment. In other words, decrease the damage we do reducing consumption, reusing materials and recycling waste.

The word conservation in an environmental context is much more than that, is defined as the efforts to protect and preserve the future nature, environment or specifically any of its parts. Now when we started to put the pieces we lacked some elements to enforce such action.

Who conserves something?

Anyone who understands that something has value.

How do people know that something has value?

Because that something is important to other people or it facilitates matters for those who have it, bringing them benefits directly or indirectly.


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How can people find out about that something?

The information is passed from one person to another, observing other people´s behaviors, reading it somewhere. In short you have access to valuable information of that something.

All these elements led us to a very simple and humane philosophy, KNOW, APPRECIATE ​​and CONSERVE. Those who know and appreciate the value of things will take care of them, is that simple, right?

With a clear understanding of our purpose, the work we have before us is monumental, given that we need to make available to people as much information as possible, of good quality, free of charge and in an easy to understand language, so they can appreciate each of the species that shares this small piece of land with us, this way we will slowly achieve a change in the perception of each person and gaining an ally in the effort to conservate.

That's why if you reached this point it’s because you found the meaning in our proposal, something very logical and natural, we invite you to encourage more people to follow this ideal since it will benefit them and all other living beings, we´ll have better judgment to act and to give value to things that we previously did not, becoming a better and more sensitive person with the environment and living beings that share this earth with us.

mparten esta tierra con nosotros.

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