Macaw Route

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We will meet you in the hotel’s lobby where you are staying.
Early departure to Carara area. Once in the place we are going to visit the surroundings of the Carara National Park.

Today you can take a boat tour at Tárcoles (2 hours) either in the morning or in the afternoon. In this area, you can find rainforests, mangroves, riparian forests and the shoreline. The extension of the habitats are  horter than other areas, so in small distances you have different conditions, which means a great diversity. We will also visit Carara National Park.

Highlight Birds

  1. Fasciated Tiger-Heron
  2. Snowy Egret
  3. Black-Necked Stilt (migratory)
  4. Wood Tork
  5. Souther Lapwing
  6. Crested Caracara
  7. Yellow-headed Caracara
  8. Northern Jacana
  9. Coomon Gallinule
  10. Purple Gallinule
  11. Scarlet Macaw

Early departure straight to Monteverde downtown. Monteverde is a small village situated on the Talamanca Mountain range. Monteverde is a cloud forest area thanks to its altitude (4,662ft a. s. l.) and the constant supply of clouds and moisture it receives throughout the year. These conditions help support the complex ecosystem where a great diversity of birds, frogs, reptiles, mammals and many others dwell. The village of Santa Elena offers plenty of facilities for tour-ists such as restaurants, butterfly gardens, frog ponds, hotels, biological reserves and more.

Highlight Birds

  1. Respendent Quetzal
  2. Three-wattled Bellbird
  3. Bare-necked Umbrellabird
  4. White-collared Manakin
  5. Long-tailed Manakin
  6. Black-faced Solitaire

Today, we go birdwatching in Curi-Cancha Reserve, a paradise where many species of birds from the area can be easily spotted. Our guide will take you through the natural trails in the cloud forest looking for the specialties of the area.

Morning for birding in the surrounding areas. After lunch time, departure towards San José.


  • 2 nights of lodging in Cerro Lodge
  • 2 nights of lodging in Monteverde Country Lodge
  • 5 days of dedicated transportation
  • 5 days of specialized birding guide
  • Admission to Carara National Park
  • Tárcoles river boat tour
  • Admission to Selvatura Park
  • Admission to Curi-Cancha Reserve
  • 12 meals per person
  • Hotel and restaurant taxes

Not included

  • Bottled water
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Visit to other places not mentioned on the itinerary
  • Tips
  • Any other service not mentioned on the inclusions


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