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Black-headed Tody Flycatcher

[:en]Bird Black-headed Tody Flycatcher[:es]Ave Espatulilla Cabecinegra[:]

Black-headed Tody Flycatcher

The Black-headed Tody Flycatcher (Todirostrum nigriceps) can be found from Costa Rica to W Ecuador and NW Venezuela. It lives in the canopy of rain forests. Often forages in flowering trees to snatch flies.

8cm (31/4”), 6.3g. Tiny, with a long, heavy, blunt-tipped bill; white throat that contrasts the black cap; mostly black, with the upperparts olive-green, paler on upper back; and the underparts yellow. Two pale yellow wing-bars, as well as the edges; bill black; legs blue-gray to blackish. Young: paler; throat tinged with yellow and yellow wings with olive marks.

Common Name: Black-headed Tody Flycatcher
Scientific Name: Todirostrum nigriceps
Bird Family: