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Harpy Eagle

[:en]Bird Harpy Eagle[:es]Ave Aguila Arpía[:]

Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) is among the most powerful raptors in the world.  It dwells from SE Mexico to N Argentina and SE Brazil. Feeds mostly of monkeys and sloths. Uses its heavy powerful feet to lift the prey; they have the largest talons of any living eagle.

♂: 96cm (38”), 4.5kg; ♀: 107cm (42”), 7.5kg. Head and neck light gray; broad and divided occipital crest; mantle, wing-linings and broad chest-band black; below white, barred with black on thighs, flanks and crissum; wings and tail above black, below gray, boldly banded with black (4 black tail bands). Iris brown; bill, cere and lores blackish, feet yellowish.

Common Name: Harpy Eagle
Scientific Name: Harpia harpyja
Bird Family: