Acadian Flycatcher

[:en]Bird Acadian Flycatcher[:es]Ave Mosquerito Verdoso[:]

Acadian Flycatcher

Note longer primary projection than any other Empidonax in CR. Has narrow eye ring, olive upperparts, whitish throat, olive wash on breast- whitish middle of breast, and pale yellow on rest of undeiparts. fairly common passage migrant, from mid-Sept to early Nov and from early March to mid-May; uncommon winter resident, from mid-Sept to mid-May; mostly in Caribbean lowlands, but possible elsewhere, to 1,200 m. Most likely in understory of forests and at forest edges, in dense vegetation. Irs note is a loud, squeaky psei'ip. 6" (15 cm).

Common Name: Acadian Flycatcher
Scientific Name: Empidonax virescens
Bird Family:

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