Alder Flycatcher

[:en]Bird Alder Flycatcher[:es]Ave Mosquerito de Charral[:]

Alder Flycatcher

The Alder flycatcher (Empidonax alnorum), known as “Mosquerito de charral” is a 13cm (5”), 12g member of the Tyrannidae family. It is found from C Alaska and N Canada to NE USA; Colombia and Venezuela to N Argentina on winter. Usually appears near ground.
It is almost indistinguishable from Willow Flycatcher, except from the voice. It has a grayish-olive color on the above dull, tinged with greenish on sides of neck and crown; narrow, whitish eye-ring; white wing bars, anterior one is slightly colored buff, and the secondaries are sharpen and white on the edges; throat and lower breast, white; chest olive to dull olive; upper mandible and legs black; sides, flanks and belly pale yellow; mouth-lining orange; lower dull orangish to horn-color. Young: Brighter olive on the above; broader, buffier wing-bars; broad white ending on secondary wings.

Common Name: Alder Flycatcher
Scientific Name: Empidonax alnorum
Bird Family:

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