Bicolored Hawk

[:en]Bird Bicolored Hawk[:es]Ave Gavilán Bicolor[:]

Bicolored Hawk

The Bicolored Hawk (Accipiter bicolor) Wings rather short, rounded; tail fairly long and rounded at tips; iris orange; cere and legs yellow. SE Mexico to N Chile and N Argentina. Uncommon to rare resident in humid forestd areasfrom sea level to 1800 m (5900ft) on both slopes; absent from dry forested Pacific NW.

♂ 36 cm (14”) 260g; ♀ 46 cm ( 18”) 400g. Adults: above dark gray, below pale gray;thighs rufous; tail blackish, broadly banded with pale gray . Immatures: above blakish brown with some buffy endings; below white to rich buff; thighs sometime rufous; sides of head streaked with black; sometimes a vertical bar on auricularsand/or buffy nuchal collar; iris yellow. Immatures often resemble Collared or immature Barred forest-falcons in pattern, differ in soft-part colors, shorter legs, less graduated tail.

Common Name: Bicolored Hawk
Scientific Name: Accipiter bicolor
Bird Family:

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