Black-and-white Hawk Eagle

[:en]Bird Black-and-white Hawk Eagle[:es]Ave Aguilillo Blanco y Negro[:]

Black-and-white Hawk Eagle

The Black-and-white Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus melanoleucus) is a buteo-like proportioned bird, 58cm (23”), 850g, but with fully feathered legs. You can find it from S México to NE Argentina and SE Brazil in forested country, at breaks and edges. Sometimes over adjacent open lands.
White head, neck, underparts and wing-linings; with black orbital area, lore and short occipital crest. Below pale gray remiges (barred and tipped with black) and tail (with 4 black bands, narrow except the outermost). Yellow iris and feet; ceer orange. Immatures: Similar but above browner mixed with gray; white scaling on wings coverts. More, narrower and browner tail-bands.

Common Name: Black-and-white Hawk Eagle
Scientific Name: Spizastur melanoleucus
Bird Family:

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