Ruddy Ground-Dove

[:en]Bird Ruddy Ground-Dove[:es]Ave Tortolita Rojiza[:]

Ruddy Ground-Dove

The Ruddy-Ground Dove (Columbina talpacoti) ranges from North Mexico to Northwest Peru, North Argentina and North Paraguay. Prefers open areas like pastures, agricultural fields or in forested areas but avoiding the interior part of woods. This bird has 16.5 cm (6 inches) in size and 48 g in mass.

Adults have a head pale gray, forehead and throat whitish, and neck, chest, rump and back purplish-chestnut. Legs and feet are flesh and the bill and cere yellowish to brownish. Often seen in roads, up to 1200 meters above sea, looking for seeds and fruits.

Common Name: Ruddy Ground-Dove
Scientific Name: Columbina talpacoti
Bird Family:

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