[:en]Bird Chuck-will´s-widow[:es]Ave Chotacabras de Paso[:]


The Chuck-Will’s Widow (Antrostomus carolinensis) breeds in SE Canada and E USA; winters from extreme S USA to Colombia and Greater Antilles.

31cm (12¼”), 110g. ♂: Above rich Brown vermiculated with black; crown, nape, and back broadly striped with black; scapulars and wing-coverts spotted with black; face and underparts ochraceous, mottled with black on face and throat, barred and vermiculated with black on breast and belly; breast spotted with buff; buffy-white band across lower throat; inner webs of outer 3 rectrices broadly tipped with white. Bill and feet blackish. ♀: Paler, less rufescent overall; throat-band darker buff; no white in tail.

Common Name: Chuck-will´s-widow
Scientific Name: Antrostomus carolinensis
Bird Family:

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